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Supermarket Shopping Mall : Fun with Food Game Download with Mod, Crack & Cheat Code

Supermarket Shopping Mall : Fun with Food Game Download with Mod, Crack & Cheat Code

Get the latest Games mods, crack, cheat code along with tips & tricks for a new game called Supermarket Shopping Mall : Fun with Food . So, get to know about the game, lets learn from the developers itself,✦ Ready to be the “super shopkeeper” in “supermarket”? Free download “educational shopping game” for kids and have fun. Play this “superstore simulator game” and enjoy shipping exactly like a “shopping mall”. This super market “shopping game” let you be shopkeeper/cashier and customer.

✦ Pick the item you want to buy, put it into the cart / trolly / basket, head products to the cashier and check out the items through “cash register”. Cashier scans the items with barcode scanner machine one by one and generates your bill.
✦ “Supermarket simulator game” has plenty of stores, cash register, fruits, vegetables, grocery department, fun zone, food zone, refreshment area and much more! “Supermarket simulator” for girls comes up with addictive minigames like clean up the “super store” warehouse, arrange the candy at its right shelf, put cluttered groceries into right place, design and decorate “delicious cake”. Buy fruits, vegetables, groceries, foods, desserts, cakes, drinks, toys, go to the checkout and “collect payment” from the customers! Sort all things at proper place, remove spoiled fruits and vegetables from the shelf. Vending machine to purchase milk, cold drinks, buttermilk, energy drink, fruit juice and more.
✦ Shopkeeper Activities
✒ Cleanup supermarket to attract more customers
✒ Re-arrange grocery items at its right place in food market
✒ Mend the torn toys, clean dust, and fix the broken toys of kids
✒ Remove rotten or mouldy fruits/vegetables and put fresh fruits/vegetables accordingly - Analyse & separate hidden rotten fruits like hidden objects game. Puzzle games are waiting for you
✒ Arrange trolly and baskets in proper manner
✒ Sort items from the conveyor belt and drag every item to its right box and be the fastest sorter
✒ Bake your customer’s favourite cake
✒ Customer safety is very important. Examine emergency fire safety tools
✒ Stock the products on the storage shelves. Keep the supermarket organised
✒ Use the cash register to print the receipt
✒ Accept payment from the customer as cash or card. Put money in cash register or accept pin number from customer
✒ Decide the discounts & put Sale board at mall entrance
✦ Customer Activities
✒ Drop products as per your need in your shopping cart
✒ Pack fruits and vegetables in bags, put the right quantity on the scale and weigh it
✒ Handover goods to cash counter to print bill
✒ Use vending machine to purchase food
✒ Pay bill via cash or credit card - Enter pin and accept bills
✒ Avoid rotten, pick fresh vegetables and fruits. Collects fruits like apples, pineapples, orange, grapes, guava, banana, water-melon, papaya, mango, kiwi, apricots, peach, strawberry and vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, brinjal, cucumber, beetroot, onion and more!
✦ Key Features
✒ Educational shopping game for kids
✒ Child friendly beautiful graphics 
✒ Hours of fun for whole family running a grocery chain
✒ Scan items and issue invoices, learn numbers and count right amount of money, learn how to use card swipe machine
✒ Cakes, lollipop, chocolate, juice, spaghetti, cod drinks, ice cream, sandwich, burger, hot-dog, and many more items to eat and drink in food court!
✒ Download the real grocery store no-internet games for free and keep your little ones busy!
✦ Play long awaited Supermarket Management game for kids. Become a manager of busy supermarket shop, serve demanding customers to keep them happy and be the top market tycoon of the town in this addictive time management game! Increase your leadership quality day-by-day by playing exciting mini-games. 
✦ Gather all guts, find how easy and fun it can be to run your own “shopping paradise” “supermarket”! Enjoy real time “groceries shopping” and “cash register management” in cool “grocery shopping app”. This “kids educational” “food market game” teaches “store management and “customer dealing”. This free mobile games is an exciting game, fun for all ages!

Supermarket Shopping Mall : Fun with Food has been installed between 500+ times by users and has an average rating of Loading... in Google apps store.

Supermarket Shopping Mall : Fun with Food game size  17M and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.0 and up.

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Game Name
Supermarket Shopping Mall : Fun with Food
Game Developed
Tea Cup EntertainmentRole PlayingPretend Play
Total Installs
Game Size
Android Supported Version
4.0 and up
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