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FortuneHeroes: Coin Master - Adventure Quest Game Download with Mod, Crack & Cheat Code

FortuneHeroes: Coin Master - Adventure Quest Game Download with Mod, Crack & Cheat Code

Get the latest Games mods, crack, cheat code along with tips & tricks for a new game called FortuneHeroes: Coin Master - Adventure Quest . So, get to know about the game, lets learn from the developers itself,Slot mania starts now - spin to win coins and become a true Coin Master! Travel through the map, create amazing locations, attack to get more coins and protect your lands. Play with friends and find out who is the best Coin Master!

Time to test your luck, strategy and tactics in FortuneHeroes! Try all amazing characters - a roman conqueror, an elf with super powers, a cowboy, a pirate… and build up magical lands. Spin to win coins, steal money, attack other players and be ready for hot strategy games! 
Explore slot machine games with FortuneHeroes:
- Fearless characters: Roman Conqueror, Elf Warrior, Wild West Cowboy, Pirate… and more characters are coming soon.
- Magical lands: Roman Empire, Elf Kingdom, Wild West, Treasure Island… and more is to come!
- Slot machines: push a coin dozer, spin to win coins and build up locations
- Adventure quest: go from location to location, from level to level
- Treasure hunt: collect coins and cards to become the leading Coin Master
Welcome to the world of slot machine games! 
Push the coin dozer and see how lucky you are :) Collect coins and build a city. Collect more coins and upgrade your location. Jackpot magic slots are ready to spin and make your the richest Coin Master in the magical lands!
Exciting build games!
Travel through the map and open new locations. Build an empire and an elf kingdom, go to the Wild West or to a treasure island with pirates. Collect coins and build a city, a village, an empire. Win more coins and make more upgrades to your location.
Endless adventure games!
Ready for a treasure hunt? Then your adventure quest starts now. Start a coin pusher, collect coins, build up your first location and upgrade it. Go from level to level and unlock all locations. Find treasure and hide from other players.
Tricky strategy games!
Collect coins, hide your treasures and protect them from thieves. Be mindful when choosing how to spend money and what to build first. 
The game is frequently updated and new coin battle lands will be available soon, including locations for viking games (viking empire, viking village, viking kingdom). More pvp game options are also coming soon: you’ll be able play with random users or play with friends. 
How to play FortuneHeroes:
1. Start with a coin dozer. Spin to win coins and artefacts like cards and shields (to protect your land from attacks). Collect coins and become the richest Coin Master.
2. Earn money by spinning slot machines and build up your locations. Depending on the magical lands, you can build a city or even build an empire.
3. The coins that you earn on slot machines can be used to add objects to your location and upgrade them. 
4. The location (and the level) is completed when all objects are built and upgraded.
5. Your objects can be attacked and destroyed. So make sure you have shields to defeat the attack.
6. Coins can also be stolen by other players. But you can always get more at a coin dozer or find treasure of other players :)
7. Go through all battle lands: Be a conqueror, elf, cowboy, pirate… Spin slot machines, earn money and build a city in every location.
8. Play with friends in coin games and find out who has the biggest piggy bank :)
Dive into treasure hunting games. Check your strategy and tactics in our coin quest! Slot games are now made fun - try new characters at every level, build city and empires, create your own treasure island and challenge your friends in strategy war games and pirate games. Just start a coin pusher and go!
If you like strategy board games, you are sure to master our adventure quest! A whole world of adventure games awaits! Who knows maybe you’ll be the first to win jackpot magic slots. 
Real heroes play here! Treasure island jungles or wild west games? Roman empire or pirate wars? Spin slot machines, collect coins and show who’s the real Coin Master here!
More pirate games and viking games will be available in new updates. More battle lands, more coin games, more action! 

FortuneHeroes: Coin Master - Adventure Quest has been installed between 500+ times by users and has an average rating of 4.5 in Google apps store.

FortuneHeroes: Coin Master - Adventure Quest game size  63M and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.1 and up.

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Game Name
FortuneHeroes: Coin Master - Adventure Quest
Game Developed
Lertech USA LLCCasual
Total Installs
Game Size
Android Supported Version
4.1 and up
Average Rating
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