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Evolved: New Relaxing Puzzle Game - Brain Teaser Game Download with Mod, Crack & Cheat Code

Evolved: New Relaxing Puzzle Game - Brain Teaser Game Download with Mod, Crack & Cheat Code

Get the latest Games mods, crack, cheat code along with tips & tricks for a new game called Evolved: New Relaxing Puzzle Game - Brain Teaser. So, get to know about the game, lets learn from the developers itself, Evolved is the new brain teaser meant for everyone: it is a relaxing brain activity where you match 3 shapes and merge them into an evolved block! It’s super easy to play but can get very challenging 💪

Evolved is a funny and addicting matching game to train your brain. It’s a good alternative for match 3 and merge, logic puzzles. It also helps children to learn shapes and colors, as well as, strengthen their logic skills! It’s a family game after all 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 ❤
[b]Play in many languages this new addicting puzzle! We don't want anyone to feel excluded <3 [/b]
Place blocks with unique shapes and colors in the puzzle board and merge 3 same tiles into one evolved piece until you get the [b]Ultimate E[/b]! You can then match 3 Evolved Tiles to create an explosion and clear the board! 💣💣
[b]How to play Evolved, the new relaxing puzzle game?[/b]
1. Place equal to or greater than three squares of the same shape and color in a horizontal or vertical position to merge them.
2. You can also rotate them before placing them.
3. Matching and merging as many squares as possible to get high scores and collect coins!
4. Coins help you solve brain teasing puzzles when you’re stuck 😉
[b]What do we aim for?[/b]
We aim to bring you relaxation and enjoyment.
We aim to help you kill time.
We aim to challenge your brain.
We aim to be a game played by everyone; family of children and adults.
To be the best new relaxing puzzle game to play to kill some time and enjoy the minimal graphics.
[b] Evolved: New Relaxing Puzzle Game - Brain Teaser 💡: Features[/b]
[b]Play, Combine and Merge Coloured Shapes![/b]
• Play anywhere, anytime: offline game, no internet connection required
• Train your brain by figuring out the best possible actions
• Great time killer! Play while commuting or when you want to train your brain
• Killer music to help you relax your brain
[b]Connect Blocks with Addicting Colours and Minimal Graphics[/b]
• Rotate the blocks before matching them
• Connect shapes to create new blocks for endless matching fun
• Minimal graphics and design
• Every block has its own shape and color
• Engaging animation every time you evolve and match 3 blocks!
[b]No Limit to Errors or Time Limit[/b]
• Take your time with this casual puzzle brain teaser
• Great challenges require a lot of time in a puzzle game!
• Everything’s a matter of training! That’s why we don’t put pressure on you concerning time!
[b]Matching 3 Shapes Get You Better High Score[/b]
• Show off your high score to your friends and family!
• Every evolved block you merge gives you a higher score
You won’t regret wasting your time on this challenging brain teaser! It's a minimal yet immersive and relaxing match 3 game.
Now explore this new relaxing puzzle challenge for your mind and enjoy this Evolved match 3 shapes puzzle game. Play anywhere, anytime this offline game and challenge your brain in the ultimate brain teaser!
Developed by: Dragontale.
Published by: Tamasenco.
Website: Evolved.
Get in touch with us:
<a href="https://www.facebook.com/Evolved.Puzzle/>Evolved Puzzled Facebook</a><br>And via email: contact@tamasenco.com

Evolved: New Relaxing Puzzle Game - Brain Teaser has been installed between 1,000+ times by users and has an average rating of 4.3 in Google apps store.

Evolved: New Relaxing Puzzle Game - Brain Teaser game size  40M and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.4 and up.

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Game Name
Evolved: New Relaxing Puzzle Game - Brain Teaser
Game Developed
Total Installs
Game Size
Android Supported Version
4.4 and up
Average Rating
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