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Callbreak, Kitti, Solitaire and Jutpatti Card Game Game Download with Mod, Crack & Cheat Code

Callbreak, Kitti, Solitaire and Jutpatti Card Game Game Download with Mod, Crack & Cheat Code

Get the latest Games mods, crack, cheat code along with tips & tricks for a new game called Callbreak, Kitti, Solitaire and Jutpatti Card Game . So, get to know about the game, lets learn from the developers itself,Callbreak, Kitti, Solitaire and Jutpatti are the most popular games among starting players. Unlike games like Marriage and 29, these games are pretty easy to learn and play. We tried to bring all those games in a single game, so you can enjoy different games.
Callbreak is a relatively long-run game played with 52 cards deck between 4 players with 13 cards each. It's game rules are pretty easy to learn; you can learn to play this trick-taking card game within minutes.There are 5 rounds in callbreak game including 13 trick in one round. For each deal, player must play the same suit card. Spade is default trump card in callbreak. The player with highest deals after 5 rounds will be the winner. Callbreak multiplayer is one of the most popular card games played in Nepal and surrounding countries of south Asia. You can pick your bid, play with competitive opponents, make a correct bid for every deal to show off your skills and trick. Currently we're trying to build a multiplayer platform for Callbreak, so please stay tuned.
Kitti is a short, fun game played with 9 cards each between 2-5 players. In Kitti you arrange the three groups of cards, 3 in each. Just like Teen-Patti or Faras, but to win the round, you should win two shows consecutively. Unlike call break, you show three cards at a time. Once the Kitti cards are arranged in three groups of three cards each, you show one group at a time, and compare with the other players' group. If your group of cards wins, you win that one show. The Kitti game runs for three shows each round. If nobody wins the round (ie. no consecutive winning shows), we call it a Kitti, and shuffle the cards again.
Solitaire Classic
After Call Break, Solitaire is probably the most played card game ever. This game includes a classic version of solitaire game that you used to play in a PC. Solitaire game is pretty easy to play and the rules are simple.
Jutpatti is a pretty simple game played by children, or beginners. Jutpatti means "pair cards". You can distribute 3 to 11 cards between two or more players, and keep half of the shuffled cards face down. Turn by turn you pick the card from the face-down deck, or the one that the previous player throws. Once you pick the card, you have an even number of cards in your hand. Your target is to make sure there is a pair for every number. In Jutpatti, a joker is assigned right after distributing the cards. The joker is the next card in the deck, that is shown with face-up, and put besides or under the remaining cards. Joker is not the card that's face down, but the +1 cards. For example, if you turned 8 as face up, 9 is the joker; if J is face up then Q is the joker. A joker can be used as a replacement for any card to make a pair with. Most people who play Call Break love this game, so we included it in the game.
We're working to include even more card games, include more controls and options in existing games, and building a multiplayer platform. Once the platform is ready you can play Callbreak multiplayer with your friends over the internet or offline with a local hotspot. Stay tuned for more games like Rummy, Dhumball, 29 Game and Marriage.
Please send us your feedback, and we'll improve the game for you.
Thank you for playing Callbreak and more.

Callbreak, Kitti, Solitaire and Jutpatti Card Game has been installed between 1,000+ times by users and has an average rating of 5 in Google apps store.

Callbreak, Kitti, Solitaire and Jutpatti Card Game game size  17M and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.4 and up.

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Callbreak, Kitti, Solitaire and Jutpatti Card Game
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Yarsa GamesCard
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4.4 and up
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