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Bengali Wedding -Indian Love With Arrange Marriage Game Crack, Tips, Tricks & Cheat Code

Bengali Wedding -Indian Love With Arrange Marriage Game Crack, Tips, Tricks & Cheat Code

Get the latest Games crack, cheat code along with tips & tricks for a new game called Bengali Wedding -Indian Love With Arrange Marriage . So, get to know about the game, lets learn from the developers itself,Namstey,
Welcome To Bengali Wedding -Indian Love With Arrange Marriage Game.This is a Bengali Wedding.In Bengali wedding so many level Like .Bor-Jatri-and-Boron,
.Phul-Sojja-(Suhagraat)Etc. This Bengali Culture is so diffrent 
and so many Rituls so lets play This perfect Bengali Wedding .This Bengali Wedding divid four part the bride's Gaye Holud,
the groom's Gaye Holud, the Beeye and the Bou Bhaat.This ritual refers to a formal meeting between the elders of the bride’s
and groom’s families to formally agree on the different facets of the marriage.he Bengali groom typically wears a Kurta.set their eyes on each other, amidst hooting, and sounds of conch shells and ululations.Bengali marriage ceremony takes place
in the state of Bengal or among Bengali people.The pre wedding rituals include Aashirwad ceremony, Vridhi Ritual, Ai Buddho Bhaat
ritual, Wedding Piris, Dodhi Mangal Ritual, Haldi Uptan Ritual, Shakha Paula Ritual, Gae Halud Tattva , Adhibas Tattva, Kubi Patta,
Snan, Mandap.The piris are brought to the bride`s house a day before the marriage or on the wedding day which are used to seat the
bride and the groom during the marriage ceremony.

Indian Bengali wedding is so decoration weddign hall is so beautifull because all
wedding hall in apply so many scent flower with diffrent design flower aplly unique carpet with so many clour wedding hall interrior
so many facility in this decoration hall creative your ideas and give looking awesome wedding hall decore arrangement is superb.
so many decoration level in this game.couple is very excited.organizer a beautifull wedding arrangment..
Card decoration-
Decor card with beautifull cover.Apply Unique shape with bengali wedding Card .with Bengali Language and apply lord stickers.
Hand and leg Mehndi-
Mehndi is a very Unique Rituls and this cermony is so old rituls .Apply beautifull design mehndi and give a best bride hand and leg
.in this view so many best design mehndi..
Groom & Bridle Haldi Rasam-
The Haldi Ceremony is the one in which paste of haldi is Applied to bride and the groom body before their wedding.turmeric give a
glowing skin this is a very important rituals..
Aai budo bhaat (Traditional Bengali Delicacies)-
The Ai Buddho Bhaat takes place in the bride`s home in the night before the marriage. This is a very grand very rich last supper 
(dinner) in her home.
Girl nd Boy nandi mukh-
This happens the night before the actual wedding ceremony (or a few days before) where the bride and groom take their last meal as
unmarried people, in their respective homes. It consists of a lavish meal which includes rice, paturi (mustard fish steamed in a
banana leaf), daal, papad, mutton curry, assorted fried vegetables and fish,and payesh (rice pudding).
Bride Makeup-
Bengali Bride Wants is so excited to wedding so many make up items in this bengali wedding.so lets play this View.So
learn how do Makeup a bride to wedding. 
Bor-Jatri-and-Boron View (Lagan)-
This ritual is performed to welcome the bride and groom to the groom`s home. The women of the house pour water on the ground beneath 
their vehicle when they alight. The groom`s elder brother`s wife holds a plate containing lac dye and milk under the bride`s feet. 
Baraat Welcome-
Indian wedding do in mandap,You play this game and you learn how about to do indian bengali wedding .Bengali wedding is so nice and
traditional so play this game welcome to the Bengali Baraat.
Mandap -
Mandap Ceremony holds utmost importance on the day of the wedding this is because all the significant rituls are performed during the
mandap ceremony.
So Now time to Suhagraat This is so very sweet night to couple ,Indian called this night Suhagraat..Apply best curtain to wall with
diffrent colour and design..

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Bengali Wedding -Indian Love With Arrange Marriage game size  50MB and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.0 and up.

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