Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games Game Tips, Tricks & Cheat Code

Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games Game Tips, Tricks & Cheat Code

Welcome Youth Apps Game readers, followers and now we are introducing you to a new game called Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games . So, let’s understand more about this game from the developers itself,Enter a world of gangster games where the world seems beyond redemption. The underworld boss is back and ready to plunder. The worldwide mafia gangs are beginning a turf war. The battle is between good and evil. Vegas crime street outlaws started as a simple street brawl between rival gangs. The fighting mafia reached Chicago city making it a battlefield for extremely adventurous mafia hero. Aiming for a worldwide turf war, this underworld mafia life needs to be stopped. The police story is not helpful in finding the mafia boss and the gangs. For the love of action games and gangster mobile games, this one is going to be so much fun worldwide. Get on the assassin mission to shoot and kill mafia leaders, corrupt politicians, drug dealers, underworld local gangs, suicide bombers and terrorist. These criminal activities have transformed once peaceful town into a city of crime. Shooting bullets, stealing, robbery, kidnapping, plunder, occupy land illegally and assassination is common everywhere. Shoot to kill in this action packed sniper shooter game. Stay in a stealth mode to hide yourself from the enemies. Shoot them to eliminate crime from the society. You are going to be a top-level highly trained secret agent assassin. Operate secret agent games under cover for pure redemption. Shoot with accurate precision, before the enemy fire a bullet at you. Your government agency has provided you with the best sniper rifle gun & weapons. One of the most challenging stealth games to test your skills! An ultimate fighting mania of underworld mafias and heroes. Knock down the gang at war. Hunt down the undercover criminals serving the crime lords. One of the best action games ever of police stickman warriors vs crime in survival stickman games.

In the year 1990, City of Toonville was going through a tough time due to increase in crime & illegal activities carried out by Mafia gangster. They have many city’s public sectors & private agencies in their control & the government is unable to find the corrupt personnels. The only way to reach the Mafia Gangster internal hidden structure is to gain their trust. Join them & play by their rules. Luke Davidson Stickman, an undercover government agent has been called to blend in & join the Mafia Family in the town. He has to go through several Mafia tests to gain their trust & learn their rules first. Once he has gained their trust he can then reach out their hidden bases to kill the gangster leaders. Luke Davidson has his own set of rules; he never leaves his trails behind & burns their hideouts to ashes. No one knows who is the Mafia killer man. That Mafia Godfather is curious to know who is causing their downfall because Luke isn't leaving any evidence behind. Get ready for a new mobile game where nothing is beyond redemption. Stopping the Mafia gangster outlaws might prove to be redemption for the country. The gangster clan is working for a mafia war that seem unstoppable. Hunt the crime family clan and knock down the mafia boss. Fight to survive the underworld battle for pure redemption.

Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games features:
√ Stealth mode
√ Amazing gameplay
√ Fast paced challenging gameplay
√ Intuitive 1st person and 3rd person controls
√ Play as a fighter in the most challenging mission games
√ Ultimate action packed immersive fighter assault missions
√ Most thrilling and dangerous third person shooting secret agent rescue mission games

Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games has been installed between 1,000 - 5,000 times by users and has an average rating of 4.7 in Google apps store.

Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games game has been reviewed by 26 Users and 1 users have rated 5 stars.  
Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games game size varies from device to device and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.0 and up.

Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games , apologies we are yet to find the cheat code, tips and tricks for this game. We will update once we have the same. Do visit us to get the shortcuts for Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games

Game Name
Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games
Game Developed
SMG - Super Megatron Games Action
Total Installs
1,000 - 5,000
Game Size
varies from device to device
Android Supported Version
4.0 and up
Average Rating
Game Last Updated On
Reviewed on

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Rules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games Game Tips, Tricks & Cheat CodeRules of Stickman Killer: Gangster Games Game Tips, Tricks & Cheat Code Reviewed by sugan Arvind on 15:27 Rating: 5
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