Secret Night Katana Game Tips, Tricks & Cheat Code

Secret Night Katana Game Tips, Tricks & Cheat Code

Welcome Youth Apps Game readers, followers and now we are introducing you to a new game called Secret Night Katana . So, let’s understand more about this game from the developers itself,Show your sword and engage in evil! Play for a formidable, but fair samurai and show your enemies that with you jokes are bad! You are waited by travel on the picturesque ancient Eastern world and dynamic battles on katanas! Cross your swords with your opponents and show who is the most skilled warrior!

The game takes place in Ancient Japan. The country is in crisis - the power in it divided several military factions among themselves. And since the authorities are never enough, these factions are constantly fighting among themselves in the hope of gaining more power. Since none of the factions is inferior to the rest in military power, the war vengeance continues for a long time and, to all appearances, it is still far from the end. To solve all these problems, the council of elders of masters of martial arts begins to collect a detachment of elite samurai, whose goal is to end the war, inflicting pinpoint strikes on the initiators of military operations. The elders perfectly understand that every fish is decaying from the head, which means it is necessary to deal with the leaders of the warring factions. It hits the samurai team and your hero. Being an unsurpassed master of martial arts and swordplay, he is determined to put an end to a senseless war!

You have a long way to go all over the country, moving to the residence of the ruler-aggressor, to wean him from the bad habit of unleashing vengeance wars. On your way, you almost every minute will encounter enemy wars, designed to stop you. Here in the battles with them you will have to demonstrate your samurai art! Sometimes you will have to use a trick to defeat opponents - for example, in the case of a significant numerical superiority of the enemy, it's better to pass unnoticed by them. Use your fighting skills, clever combinations of techniques and possession of cold weapons - and no enemy will not stand up to your might!

A variety of techniques, elegant graphic design, elaborate system of sword fighting - all these and many others you can fully enjoy in this colorful samurai adventure! 

Secret Night Katana has been installed between 10,000 - 50,000 times by users and has an average rating of 4.1 in Google apps store.

Secret Night Katana game has been reviewed by 672 Users and 62 users have rated 5 stars.  
Secret Night Katana game size varies from device to device and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.1 and up.

Secret Night Katana , apologies we are yet to find the cheat code, tips and tricks for this game. We will update once we have the same. Do visit us to get the shortcuts for Secret Night Katana

Game Name
Secret Night Katana
Game Developed
Karpos Arcade
Total Installs
10,000 - 50,000
Game Size
varies from device to device
Android Supported Version
4.1 and up
Average Rating
Game Last Updated On
Reviewed on

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Secret Night Katana Game Tips, Tricks & Cheat CodeSecret Night Katana Game Tips, Tricks & Cheat Code Reviewed by Suganya sarathi on 17:34 Rating: 5
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