Army Commando Survival Island, Put your Survival Kill at test

Cover artHave you guys know what kind of training does Army Commando need to go through before they get into the field? Play the Army Commando Survival Island and then you would get a feel and not the real as i feel they do plenty more than what’s given in the game play.

So the important task is survival and also using your available resource in an effective and efficient way.  The game help you to achieve good task management skills and also decision making.  The more your progress the challenge is increasing and also your physical limits are put to test.

Stranded on an island is a Commando for Combat Military Training, Dangerous Hurdles, Deadly Enemies Attacks, Extreme Wilderness, Survival Escape Missions and you need to be a Survivor Hero!! This is all that sums up this Challenging 3D Action Game of 2017 “Army Commando Survival Island”. This Commando Military training is full of action and thrill where you are stranded on an island for survival training missions each one of which will make your adrenaline rush. A military training combat adventure is waiting for you Commando where you as an island survivor hero needs to clear all military training missions successfully. There are dangerous army military tests, obstacles and hurdles which you need to pass through for which you need to be physically and mentally fit. Find food, weapons like axe, bow and arrows, hunt down the animals to get food for survival, destroy the archeries as a real sniper hero of 2017, beware of the gunner attacks from enemies and the dangerous mines on your way. Clear the blockages and eliminate the enemy forces. Be the best swimmer to cross the flowing streams and reach out the end point. Collect weapons and ammo as you move around the stranded island for completing the extreme commando survival training missions. Destroy the enemy forces from your neighborhood to successfully complete your sniper shooting training.

The increasing difficulty in Army Commando Survival Island survival training missions will make you engaged and will keep your spirits high. There are dangerous vines for climbing up the mountains and tough rough rocks to jump across and big blockages that needs to be removed. A big wide stream on the island that can only be crossed if you are a quick and strong swimmer. Remember, Survival is your main aim and there is no other way than battling the deadly enemy neighborhood forces and killing them all by furious gunner attacks.
  Army Commando Survival Island- screenshot thumbnail

The game has already been rated as 4.5 in Play Store and  Army Commando Survival Island can be downloaded and played from here

Army Commando Survival Island, Put your Survival Kill at testArmy Commando Survival Island, Put your Survival Kill at test Reviewed by Youth Apps on 07:35 Rating: 5
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