Zombie Drift - Drift & Kill, not on the road but on this game play

Cover artDrifting is an art and Zombie Drift game developer wants the player to kill the Zombie through drifting. It seems to be easy, however pretty sure the level would be difficult and challenging as Time bound play will come into picture.

Are you ready to smash some zombies while drifting? Get behind the wheel and survive the waves of monsters! Buy new cars, upgrade them, and get weapons to assist you with your survival!

Looks like the players are enjoying as they have rated the Zombie Drift game with 4.3 stars. So why waiting if you are Zombie hunter, then get ready to kill them and gain points and lead. If you have any comments to the developer do drop a comment or rate then in Google Play Store.

   Zombie Drift- screenshot

Get the Zombie Drift game download from here