SMASH BLASTER - Logical Thinking & Problem Solving Skill Game

Cover art
A typical shoot at site ball game, dont think its easy as you would need to solve a puzzle and apply physics knowledge to get this task done. The game developers wants the players to use their logical thinking to move on.

SMASH BLASTER is a smash hit action packed and addictive physics puzzle game. Aim and shoot the balls at the gems, using the dozens of awesome physics objects to clear a path or set up the perfect shot. See how many balls it takes you to smash all the targets! Destroy the blue gems to pass the level, and the green gems to unlock bonus levels. Use your logical thinking skills to take advantage of the objects in each level. Portals, elevators, crates, bouncy blocks, launchers and more.

   SMASH BLASTER- screenshot

Try the Smash Blasters Games and make use of your logical and problem solving skills. Free Download Smash Blasters Games here